Date: 8th August 2018 at 4:16pm
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Manager Steven Gerrard was holding his pre Maribor press conference earlier today and he had good news when it came to Rangers’ appeal over the red card shown to striker Alfredo Morelos in the clash against Aberdeen.

The 22-year-old was sent from the pitch in the 12th minute of the game for kicking out at Scott McKenna despite being barged twice which conveniently went unnoticed. Plenty of fans accept he had a bite but given the barge, he was off balance anyway and that should’ve come into play as it was never a straight-laced swing.

Certainly not to the degree of some commentators protestations.

In any event, Gerrard had confirmed we would make a decision on an appeal and we subsequently lodged one, and it has been successful with the appeals panel rescinding the red. Morelos will come back into contention for this weekend’s clash against St Mirren at Ibrox and we can no doubt look forward to some fans claiming it’s a conspiracy to help us!

Obviously, as Gerrard also stated post-game, conversations have been had with Morelos about his future conduct and not seeing the red mist but instead channelling that into his performance.


4 Replies to ““Glad To Hear” But What About The Three Points – Some Rangers Fans React To SFA Decision”

  • Having followed Rangers for 60 years now I can honestly say I have never seen such a systematic bias against the Rangers over the last 5 years.
    It’s painfully obvious to me the entire governance of our game across the SFA, SPFL and the east end Referres Committee is controlled by our foes across the river.
    I never ever believed even during Celtics 9 IAR that the officials were anything other than fair and reasonable across all clubs, however even a blind man can see the corrupt influences at work now.Absolutely abhorrent and a disgrace to Scottish Football

  • Clancy is the first referee THIS SEASON to show bias against Rangers–but he will not be the last–I can promise you that. Why is this?? I sincerely believe that there are THREE MAIN REASONS WHY RANGERS REGULARLY GET A RAW DEAL FROM REFEREES. These are, firstly–and you all know this–some are already of a certain “persuasion” from birth to be against Rangers, and they cannot change that. Secondly, when Rangers play a so-called lesser team, I feel that many referees try to “even things up” by giving far more important decisions to the underdog rather than to Rangers. They do not want the “blame” if Rangers win games by big scores–even if they deserve to. Thirdly–some referees are “Headline Catchers” and they know that they will get their names all over the papers and TV if they send off a Rangers player. In contrast–if they send off one of the many dirty players from lesser teams, it will probably not even get a headline. I believe that the answer is to bring in referees from England or abroad, who would probably have far fewer of these prejudices against Rangers. By the way–is there anyone out there who cannot guess what religious persuasion Clancy belongs to??? It is pretty obvious.

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