Date: 5th July 2018 at 6:31pm
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Sky Sports have confirmed this week that Steven Gerrard’s first taste of the Old Firm against Celtic will be screened live on Sunday, September 2.

The Liverpool legend and former England man will certainly attract the eyes of football fans from around the United Kingdom as Rangers make the trip to Parkhead in what will be only his fourth match in charge as a gaffer.

The game will also see him come up against his own former manager in the shape of Brendan Rodgers and following its selection, the match has now been given a 12noon kick-off for the television audience.

Gerrard’s curtain-raiser in the Premiership against Aberdeen has previously been selected by Sky Sports and that match takes place on Sunday, August 5 and it carries a 1pm kick-off time.

The former midfielder will have already had his first experience of the dugout given our Europa League qualification matches against FC Shkupi.

The game against Motherwell at Fir Park ahead of the Celtic clash has been selected by BT Sport for coverage. That tie now takes place at 12.15pm on Sunday, August 26.

Expect more games to be switched in the coming weeks as the TV companies tap into extra interest from England owing to the Gerrard effect.


4 Replies to “Gerrard’s First Old Firm Will Certainly Gain Extra Attention”

  • First Old Firm??????Piss off with your Mythical nonsense.Old Firm No Longer Exists ffs.That Died along with Rangers.FACT!!!!

  • See the DeLooDeid are attempting to imply there Wee Club is Miraculously somehow One Half of the (OldFirm)LoLoLoLoL…Keep to the Facts.Sevco have been hanging from Celtics shirt tails since 2012.Rangers in LIQUIDATION!!were Old Firm.Sorry to burst yer Oranje Bubble but this Embarrassment which is Sevco 5088 isnt in any shape or Form Old Firm.Keep to the Facts VitalTadGer.Your chairman is a Fraudulent Criminal.Facts are Facts.Its All About the Green and White,Juggernaut.Living in Celtics Shadow.Rangers In Liquidation were part of the Old Firm.Celtic Unbroken History since 1888.GIRUTLOYOB…You Lot Let Your Club,Die in 2012..FACT!!!!

  • No wonder Every other Club or Football Supporter Laughs at this Embarrassment which is Sevco.Implying they are part of Old Firm,Is Absurd.Everyone knows that when in 2012 Rangers Were Liquidated and Died,140 Years of History Gone in 8 Minutes.I remember reading all this and Witnessing All of it,Along with The Whole World.So VitalGer,Explain what exactly has changed since,Has Rangers been brought out of Liquidation???Last i checked its Still Sevco 5088 Parading around Trying to Act like an Undead Club.Its embarrassing to every other decent football fan to even Suggest Sevco are (OldFirm)…Lies Lies and Damned Lies

  • There Liverpudlian Dumplings first Ahem (Old Firm)?????….Apologies to Any Sane person reading this Utter Guff.Keep with Reality.Rangers are Still Liquidated.This (Other)Club are Not OLD FIRM!!!!!!

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