Date: 9th May 2019 at 9:40pm
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Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has explained the decision not to give a guard of honour to Celtic this Sunday has been taken by his bosses at the club, as reported by The Scottish Sun.

With the Hoops wrapping up their league title win last weekend, there have been calls for Gerrard’s side to applaud them onto the pitch prior to the upcoming Old Firm Derby.

However, decision makers at Ibrox have decided not to let that happen, a move that has prompted the expected moaning from the green side of the city.

Gerrard though is absolving himself of responsibility, telling The Scottish Sun:

To be honest with you my thoughts on it are not important on that subject.

The club have made a decision on that and decided there won’t be a guard of honour, so my thoughts are irrelevant.

I will follow what I’m told to do by the people in charge of the club.

Anything the manager could have said on the subject would likely have only provoked more fake outrage from ex-players and Celtic supporters, so he is right to dodge the question and let people guess about who might have made the decision.

Guard of honours are traditional in British football but when two sides are engaged in a heated rivalry such as ours with Celtic then there’s little point pursuing it.

This will all be forgotten by full-time on Sunday and hopefully we are celebrating our second derby win of the season.


4 Replies to “Gerrard explains controversial Rangers decision”

  • If it was the last game of the season at parkhead then maybe but no reason for it this weekend. I,ll wait for all the offended by everything embarresed by nothing mob to start all their wailing which will be a bit ironic considering the lack of respect THEY have shown Rangers over the last few years.

  • Look to the words of Alan Stubbs when he was jobs boss and you will find out why there should be no respect shown tomorrow. The vitriol that we have endured from the mob across the city should also serve to see why an honour guard should not be given.

  • They want a guard of honor after their captain tried to cause a riot by celebrating right in front of our fans and laughed as one of our players was red carded in the last game. What a professional with class…. I hope if one of our players scores they will run over to the septic fans and do a fist pump as they won’t be able to complain or the sfa won’t be able to do anything since that captain got away with it, but knowing the Irish Catholic fa woops I meant Scottish fa the rangers player would get a ban since we’ve had more bans than any other and guess who’s bottom of the list?…. Also I remember all the press backing hibs when they refused to give us a guard of honor after winning the championship a few years back and stubbs was behind it.

  • Who would respect Celtic, dodgy land deals, free stadium tart up ( still a midden ) and £270,000 for the youth of Lennoxtown, that mysteriously found its way to Celtic. Then there is the boys club scandal covered up for decades, any other club would be in serious trouble for this, but not Celtic with all their placemen in the SFA and GCC.

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