Date: 30th January 2013 at 11:37pm
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Controversial politician, talk show host and CELTIC FAN George Galloway is now poking his nose into Rangers’ business.

The politician is lobbying fellow Westminster MPs to support a motion to seize some of the £22 million raised by the newco in share revenue at the end of last year, to pay for oldco’s debts. One has to wonder if he is acting on behalf of the public and the tax payer, or if he is acting as a bitter Celtic fan. Would he be lobbying against Celtic had it been them in this position? Personally I highly doubt it.

Galloway made a pratt of himself on national television in 2006 when on big brother he drank imaginary milk out of the cupped hands of actress Rula Lenska whilst dressed in lycra pretending to be a cat. I mean can we really take a guy like that seriously?

His motion so far has only been backed by THREE members, including the Labour MP for Dundee West, Jim McGovern. Perhaps a Dundee United fan?