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Further confusion for fans with delay to ‘covid passport’ enforcement

Image for Further confusion for fans with delay to ‘covid passport’ enforcement

The Scottish government has announced a delay to enforcement of the new ‘covid passport’ system.

As part of the plans for venues such as nightclubs and stadiums with large crowds to ensure that spectators have been double vaccinated, the implementation will go ahead however businesses will have an effective ‘grace period’ of two weeks.

The new rules will apply, as of 05:00 on Friday.

With supporters going to Ibrox on Sunday set to experience the new arrangements, there has been an element of unease and apprehension about what will be happening.

There is also the situation of some fans who haven’t been vaccinated for whatever reason, effectively ‘banned’ from supporting their team, under the new government directive.

The ‘covid passport’ system will be going ahead and Rangers are preparing to implement their obligations so for those fans attending, this will be another ‘new normal’ for the forseeable.

At Holyrood today, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon stated, as reported by BBC Scotland, that the delay would allow businesses to “test, adapt and build confidence in the practical arrangements they will need to put in place to be compliant with the scheme”.

Doubt remains over the scheme and the rollout of it with businesses such as football clubs being given just a matter of days to make arrangements affecting tens of thousands of people.

At such short notice, there has not been enough information given to football supporters, including those who will be travelling to Glasgow from elsewhere in the UK.

It is expected that further communication will be made by Rangers ahead of Sunday’s game against Hibs.

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