Date: 6th August 2018 at 8:30am
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Former Rangers striker Steven Thompson has criticised manager Steven Gerrard for his post-match comments at Pittodrie on Sunday.

Gerrard was full of praise for his side’s performance against Aberdeen, believing they were much better than the Dons despite playing the vast majority of the game with just ten men.

As quoted by the BBC, the Ibrox boss said:

Anyone at this game or who watched on TV must know we were much better than Aberdeen.

We were very good with 11 men, we were even better when we went to 10. Aberdeen didn’t have any idea against us, and for 93 minutes it was perfect.

Aberdeen only had one idea and it was to lump it into the box.

Obviously, I’m gutted for my players we’ve conceded late on. But we showed today that we’re a class above Aberdeen. I thought we were tremendous.

It’s an assessment of the game that most Rangers fans would agree with and while dropping points was frustrating, the performance was generally good, especially in the central midfield area and at the back.

BBC pundit Thompson has taken issue with Gerrard’s comments though, believing they lacked class and aren’t a true reflection on the current state of both teams.

The former Rangers man said on air at the BBC:

I thought the timing of Gerrard’s comments weren’t great… one game in, after a draw away from home.

If you finish the league season above them, or even beat them on the day, then you can come out and say that but it seems a bit early to me given Aberdeen have been second for four years in a row.

For me, it lacked a bit of class.

Gerrard certainly hasn’t been shy with his press comments since arriving in Scotland and it’s clear many pundits and oppositions fans are taking issue with them.

He has been nothing but honest though and speaks with passion on behalf of the fans, so from our perspective there doesn’t seem to be an issue, especially when he was right about Aberdeen’s performance yesterday.

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6 Replies to “Former Rangers star accuses Gerrard of lacking class with Aberdeen comments”

  • Mr Thompson is clearly having basic comprehension issues. Stevie’s comments were entirely concerning the game on Sunday, even evidenced by him using the word ‘today’.

    In order for Mr Thompson to have his BBC-sponsored dig at the Rangers manager, it was necessary for him to change the parameter to the whole season, then to four seasons.

    Will it be possible in future for more accurate reporting on Rangers matters?

  • I cannot condone what was said by either men. However it seems to me that Rangers have serious problems putting the ball into the net. The team which scores the most goals wins games. Aberdeen had only to score once yesterday to gain a draw. This they did Mr. Gerrard should be looking at both areas. I.E. Why is his team loosing goals in the last 5 minutes of a game and why can they not score goals?

  • It hasn’t taken long for the Ranger arrogance to rub off of Stevie
    Could he run a team on a “shoestring budget” like Derek is doing. Or like Alec did before he went to man Utd?
    No, he goes in to a club and tries to “buy success”. He’s already spent more money in a couple of months than Derek has in the last 4 years.
    So Stevie learn some respect.
    I wonder what he , and the Rangers fans will say, when Celtic brush them aside again this season.?

  • I thought the timing of Gerrard’s comments “weren’t great”… For me, it lacked a bit of class? The timing weren’t great?

    As stated previously the comment were entirely concerning the game on Sunday. I notice that there is no actual analysis by Mr. Thompson of the Aberdeen tactics that failed to take advantage of the extra man for the majority of the game.

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