Date: 11th May 2017 at 4:39pm
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Pedro Caixinha has been left less than impressed by the amount of news from within the confines of Rangers that are being leaked into the media.

The Rangers boss, quoted by the BBC, has made it clear such actions aren’t going to be tolerated going forward and Caixinha is keen for the club to keep things in-house.

He said: ‘We need to identify [who is leaking] and then seal it. We are a big club and a big club cannot have this sort of behaviour. We are ruled and managed from inside out – but our way, not the other way around. When I stay here, that is the way we are going to behave and work.’

Most recently news that Clint Hill and Philippe Senderos wouldn’t be offered new deals came out before it was made official, which technically it still hasn’t. Caixinha said these sort of leaks are ‘destabilising’ for the club.

Adding: ‘No leaks, no leaks. That is a point we definitely need to understand. [The leaks] are not destabilising for myself. It’s something I don’t like but I keep doing my job.’

There, to a degree, will always be stories coming out of all clubs, but we’ve seen an increasing number of stories released to the media, which haven’t been particularly helpful to the club.

Caixinha recalled his time as assistant at Sporting Lisbon and how nothing would be leaked out at Porto, who were then the dominant side in Portugal.

He said: ‘I found when I was working at Sporting Lisbon that things came out easy. Benfica rules Portuguese football nowadays. But back then it was Porto. I can tell you something – nothing comes out from Benfica unless they want it to be known. That is why they are successful.’

The boss concluded: ‘With Porto in those days, I used to remember they had a president who said when players were coming in or moving, ‘If something appeared in a newspaper and I’m dealing with you, our deal is done. I’m not dealing with you’. I found that a very good principle and they were successful. I try to follow successful people, not the opposite.’

Such an approach is something Caixinha, 46, will look to implement at Rangers.

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