Date: 27th April 2019 at 8:56pm
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Rangers fans didn’t enjoy BBC Scotland highlighting one specific part of the recent Scottish Youth Cup final win against Celtic.

Footage showed Kai Kennedy suffering an injury and being dragged off the pitch by young Hoops defender Liam Morrison, only to smartly shuffle back on in an attempt to delay the game.

Why the broadcaster deemed to necessary to pick up on such a trivial piece of play in an otherwise thrilling and joyous youth final is beyond me.

The young Gers won the match 3-2, the first time we’ve won the trophy for five years, after a brilliant 90 minutes full of skill and exciting potential talents.

Is it really necessary to eke out every single bit of potential controversy out of a match, especially at a lower age level?

Rangers supporters haven’t taken kindly to it, believing that BBC Scotland have badly got their judgement wrong on this one.

These fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts…


2 Replies to “‘Corrupt to the core’ – Many Rangers fans furious with BBC after bizarre highlight”

  • Typical of the unwashed and then they leave vial remarks out side of a dead man church , 100% total scum

  • So the BBC try to bring Rangers down…? What’s new! Here we go yet again. Unbelievable, the BRITISH broadcasting corporation SCOTLAND is biased against a football club which is representative of the indigenous Scots of Glasgow and proud of their BRITISH identity also yet our national broadcaster seems to hate this fact and cow tows to a football club that represents another nation and have refused to give up their immigrant roots and have open hatred for the country that gave their ansestors asylum. Same with the Scottish football association who’s badge is the lion rampant yet also bend over backwards to the Club who’s badge is the symbol of another country and love to punish the ones who’s badge is also the lion rampant…. What a bizarre country this has become.

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