Date: 28th September 2017 at 7:50pm
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Rangers’ gaffer Pedro Caixinha has said he’s unconcerned by pressure at the club as it simply comes with the job.

Speaking to the Official Site as he met with the media, when asked about pressure in the job he answered.

‘No, not at all. That is maybe why it is so confusing for you sometimes. I am just so focused to do my work – I was thinking about many things, and if I was caring about listening to the radio, reading the newspapers and going on social media, firstly I would not have time to do my job. I would be going crazy with everything which is said and written on there, so totally not.’

Caixinha went on to say.

‘We play for our supporters, and I always have the will to do my job for them. I think, it is special for them the club is still alive and is still a big club because the history and the trophies are still there, and the fanbase is still there. So we work for them, of course. They are only happy when we win, and we are only happy when we win. We suffer as professionals and we suffer as a fan as I am blue inside as well. Everybody knows what they are doing here in Rangers, and we know what we are facing. I always think, especially about this week, that we are facing one of the biggest challenges in the history of football.’

He went on to say that the journey Rangers’ have been on in recent years makes the club unique in the world of football.

‘I am trying to remember, an example in a club like this in Portugal – nothing, in Spain – nothing, Italy – maybe Juventus for one season, and England – nothing. What happened to Rangers is unique in the world. The way we are coming back, and we know we have that vision and are working had in that direction, that is what really matters. It is what makes me get out of my bed early in the morning and get tired as we have worked the whole day long knowing it is one more day in the direction we want to take the club.’

Caixinha added.

‘So that is what really makes me happy. Bill Walsh – who is one of the most famous American Football coaches in the world, just wrote a book with the title “The Score Takes Care of Itself” – but in order for the score to take care of itself, and for the club to get back to the position we want – and we will keep fighting for it – you need a lot of things and you need to change a lot of things. When you change a lot of things, that means that everyone needs to be ready for the change, and you need to be persistent to have that change, so that is what I`m doing. I have been here for six months, and I can be totally clear with you about this. I might leave tomorrow, or I might leave in 10 years` time.’

Building on that, he ended by saying.

‘For sure, leaving tomorrow or leaving in 10 years` time, the one that come after me will have the level that we delivered. The job will be in a different position in a direction that we want, so that is what I`m doing. I am not going to give up on that vision.’

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