Date: 2nd September 2021 at 9:30am
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Last weekend, there were some ugly incidents involving fans of Rangers and Celtic, separately, with the backdrop of the Old Firm win at Ibrox for Steven Gerrard’s men.

Street violence and assaults were highly publicised  Рtotally unacceptable scenes that have been widely condemned and rightly so.

How come then, in the case of the Daily Record they report that one incident involved Rangers fans, yet the other involved ‘football fans’ – absolutely frustrating and seriously questionable.

Call it out for what it is!

The highlighted tweet above states ‘Spot the difference’ and that is exactly the issue – there isn’t any.

Why is it ok to correctly identify one incident involving Rangers fans but for the other, the fact that Celtic fans were responsible is hidden with the added insult to the readers intelligence, due to the obvious nature of the matter.

The Daily Record have serious questions to answer on this. Is it deliberate? Is this directed from editorial positions? Why the inconsistency?

All is does is point to Rangers current media policy and the decision not to accreditate Daily Record football writers as a very valid position.

How can those in the back pages cry about hard questions, integrity, press freedom etc, when their own house is sorely lacking in order.

These are matters which frankly need to be addressed otherwise the current situation will remain for some time to come.

The mainstream media can’t have it both ways – if they are going to treat Rangers unfairly then they can’t expect to get free reign in their duties at Ibrox.

If only we could have a proper discussion with adults in the room, but it appears that there are other interests to serve.