Date: 26th June 2019 at 12:41pm
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According to Football Insider, Newcastle United are plotting a move for Rangers manager Steven Gerrard after Rafa Benitez left the club earlier this week.

Only Newcastle United seem capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory this frequently and in this style with them having one of the great managers in the game to only see him walk away.

Now, they need a new manager and, apparently, they are interested in our boss at the moment as he continues to work with the squad in Portugal ahead of the new season.

Without doubt, then, it is a concerning report.

Gerrard might not have much experience but so far he has shown himself to be a decent manager that gets our club.

To lose him this summer would be a real blow and, though I would not worry about it at the moment until an offer comes in, Premier League money talks.

Then again, why would you go to that shower at the moment given the way it is run?


6 Replies to “A concerning report in relation to Steven Gerrard”

  • Don’t worry – he would never take the job after he has seen how Rafa has been treated!

  • Its too early in his career to go to a club like Newcastle. It pains me to say it but right now their far bigger than us in terms of revenue an financial clout, that said if they get relegated this season that could change. I hope he stays with us, wins the league, then he can move up the ladder with my blessing. Rob J

  • With the money, stadium, fans etc its easy to see why he’d go, but with Ashley in charge I doubt it.

  • He’s started a revolution at Ibrox and is well on his way to making us the dominant force in Scotland again and making teams fear us again especially at fortress Ibrox so I can’t see him walking away until his job is done , it just wouldn’t make sense to walk away as I’m sure he would want to walk away a winner coz as it stands the now he’s won nothing and done nothing in Scotland but I’m sure that’s all gonna change next season , C’mon the Teddy Bears #55 is on its way ????⚪????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • SG has already made clear money is no motivator for him now. He would be incredibly stupid and naive if he thought he could work for Mike Ashley. If an offer is made it will be 100% Mike Ashley taunting Rangers. Gerrard knows he can make Rangers top dogs in Scotland and the Europa League before a move to LFC in say 7/8 years.

  • I am totally convinced that money is not a huge motivator for SG. And although the English Premiership will probably be a calling in the future I truly believe we will have a winning manager in Stevie for the foreseeable future

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