Date: 18th September 2018 at 7:38am
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Former SFA president George Peat has revealed he was urged by a ‘prominent club’ in Scotland to not help Rangers during the run to UEFA Cup Final in 2008.

Peat was asked by BBC Scotland about any disappointments he had during his presidency which ran from 2007 to 2011, revealing that the saga in 2008 surrounding the Gers stuck in his throat.

As quoted by the BBC, Peat said:

I remember when Rangers got to the final in Manchester. I got a phone call from a prominent chairman of a club requesting me not to help Rangers in any way.

And it so happened that I had already had a meeting with Lex Gold at the SPL because what we were willing to do was to extend the season because of the fixture pile-up that Rangers had and I was most disappointed when I got back to the office to receive this call to ask me not to help them in any way.

That really stuck in my throat.

You’ll remember that Rangers had to play an incredible amount of fixtures in a short space of time, with the authorities only agreeing a short extension to the league season and not allowing the club to postpone their fixture ahead of the UEFA Cup Final against FC Zenit.

It was a ridiculous situation with Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell publicly putting pressure on the club with comments about ‘sporting integrity’.

Many fans have been left fuming by Peat’s latest comments, feeling that you don’t have to look too far to figure out which prominent club registered their opposition to helping Rangers in any way.

These supporters took to Twitter to share their thoughts on it all…

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3 Replies to “‘A cesspit’ – Many Rangers fans have been left fuming by new SFA controversy”

  • Our rivals from breeze block boulevard can not handle us having the title of the “Most successful club in the world”. It doesn’t take a university degree to work out who tried to halt our cup final ambitions, and to help them win the league. Does anyone ever really expect any more of them?
    ps/ I have an insight into my “breeze block boulevard” comment.

  • If it turns out to be Celtic that made the call not to help Rangers it will not be a shock. They would rather see all else fail if they fall short of the mark like they always do in Europe. We shouldn’t dignify their pathetic actions. Lets just take it too the pitch. The guilty party should be named and shamed.

  • Let’s not forget that this is the season that Rangers agreed to cancel games in January at the request of Celtic. While the death of Phil O’Donnel was tragic, it was some years since he played at Parkhead and when the SFA baulked at the idea of cancelling matches, Rangers stepped in to help their east end rivals. No arguments about the games being cancelled but the favour should have been returned. Rangers were dominant in the league at the time and were heavy favourites before the game was cancelled. Celtic were without key players and were seriously struggling at the time.
    Only in Scottish football would clubs go out of their way to deliberately hinder a fellow association member in the pursuit of a European trophy.
    Sporting integrity indeed.

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